▢️Welcome to Maax

The following are designed to help you get up and running on the platform and its various components with ease!

Maax Ai is intelligently designed to consider the history of a conversation with a specific prospect, utilizing the settings configured in the dashboard.

The technology you use for marketing, sales, or customer support, which may include tools like CRMs, Zapier, Mailchimp, ManyChat, etc., is where you'll connect with our API.

For instance, you can configure Zapier so that each time a new email arrives in a particular inbox, the email body is inputted into the MAAX API, which generates a response that is then sent back to the customer.

We highly recommend reading through all the documentation to get the most out of Maax AI. It takes less than an hour to go through it all.

  • Explanatory Diagrams:

    • Here we present a set of sketches that visually explain how MAAX AI is designed and how different pieces fit together.

  • Web App (Dashboard):

    • Here we explain how to use the dashboard to upload the content for the customer support AI, and how to set up the sales AI. This is often handled by both, technical and non-technical members of your team.

  • API:

    • Here we explain how to create customer support and sales messages that get sent to your prospects automatically. This piece is normally handled by a tech person or a technically savvy founder in a smaller team.

  • Building Good Prompts:

    • Here we illustrate how to build good prompts for Maax AI

  • Example Use Cases:

    • Here we show some example setups that you can duplicate in your own organization. The easiest one to start with is automated customer support through Gmail.

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