1. Send Question to Maax


  1. Ingest Step The ingest step is demonstrated using Close, but the functionality and steps described are applicable generally.

  2. Triggering the Workflow The workflow is triggered by an incoming SMS in Close. Specifically, it looks for a new inbound SMS to initiate the workflow.

  3. Focus on Inbound Communication In the Close setup, the system is configured to only respond to inbound SMS, not outbound ones.

  4. Finding the Lead A crucial step in Close (and generally in setups) is to identify the lead. This is done by searching for the lead using their phone number, email, or other provided identifiers.

  5. Tagging and List Association The purpose of identifying the lead is to understand their relevant tags and list associations. This information is critical to connect the prospect to the correct version of Maax AI.

  6. Audience Segmentation The process involves ensuring that the prospect is part of the appropriate audience so they interact with the suitable version of Maax AI.

  7. Conditional Continuation The workflow is set to continue only if the lead found in the previous step is part of a specific list (e.g., List A).

    1. This conditional setup means that emails or SMSs will only proceed through the workflow if they meet the specified criteria.

  8. Different Ingest Steps for Different Lists Separate ingest steps are created for leads belonging to different lists (e.g., List B, List C, etc.), to ensure proper segmentation and targeting.

  9. Introduction to Python Step The transcript hints at a Python step in the workflow, but details are deferred to a separate video to keep the current explanation concise.

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