Uploading Content

Maax takes in PDFs and videos (.mp4)

Uploading content is straightforward. Simply choose the file you want to upload, and press upload! It's seriously that easy.


PDF content doesn't need to be structured, but it helps!


Maax currently only supports .mp4 files under 20 minutes. For videos over 20 minutes, we'd recommend using a tool (i.e. Cockatoo) to transcribe that file into PDF first then uploading.

Service Type

In general, you should tick both Customer Support and Sales options with most of the information you upload.

Things like FAQs, common objections, general product info, and company information come to mind. This will allow Maax AI to use that information across instances of Customer AI AND Sales AI.

The only time you'd split them is when there is certain information that you don't want a Customer Support conversation to have, but a Sales AI conversation should and vice-versa.

An upload isn't successful until you press Feed To MAAX AI

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