Step 2 – Use Zapier Python to Send Your Question to Maax

Trigger a POST request

#5 – Format your Zap to look like this. It will differ based on the fields you're sending

Then... insert a Code by Zapier step, select Python, and copy the following code.

There are fields that need to be updated by you

For more information on followup_url, click -> Follow-up Message Handling

import requests

# Fill values
api_key = # Your API key here

url = ''
headers = {
    '2hd-api-key': api_key

service_type = # 'customer_support_automation' or 'sales_automation' 
platform = # sms, email, or website
ai_id = # if sales_ai, input ai_id from your dashboard. If customer_ai, delete line
followup_url = # webhook you set to catch follow-ups from Maax

message_content = input_data['message_content']
phone_number = input_data.get('phone_number', '') 
first_name = input_data.get('first_name', 'unknown')
# End fill values

data = {
    'service_type': service_type,
    'platform': platform,
    'ai_id': ai_id,
    'followup_url': followup_url,
    'message_content': message_content,
    'prospect_info': {
        'phone': phone_number,
        'first_name': first_name

# POST request
    response =, json=data, headers=headers)
    output = [response.json()]

except requests.exceptions.RequestException as e:
    error_message = str(e)
    output = {"error": error_message}

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