2. Catch and Map Response From Maax


  1. Catch Response Step This step is crucial in the app creation process. It involves receiving a response from Maax AI after a message is sent.

  2. Structure of the Response The structure of the catch response might look complicated but is actually simpler. It starts with the 'catch our webhooks by Zapier' step.

  3. Receiving and Using the Webhook URL In this step, you receive a webhook URL. This URL is then mapped inside an earlier step in the process, specifically in the 'ingest step'.

  4. Integration with the Ingest Step The 'send_response URL' field in the ingest step is where you paste the webhook URL. This action directs Maax AI to send responses to that endpoint.

  5. Testing the Setup After setting up, you can send a test. If the setup is correct, you should see a response run through the webhook.

  6. Lead Management and SMS Creation Following the catch response, the process involves finding a lead and ensuring they meet the desired profile or attributes. Subsequently, an SMS or relevant response is created in the 'create message' step.

  7. Mapping the Webhook Response The webhook response from Maax AI is mapped into the create message step, which then sends a message generated by Maax AI.

  8. Simplification and Focus The process, while appearing complex due to additional details, essentially involves catching the webhook, identifying the right leads, and sending them the Maax AI-generated message. The emphasis is on the simplicity and directness of these steps.

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