Emergency Notification Setting

The Emergency Notification Setting is a powerful feature designed to ensure optimal customer service even during the learning curve of your AI.

As you begin using Maax AI, there may be instances where the AI doesn't immediately provide a perfect answer to a customer's question. This could be due to a lack of necessary information or the complexity of the query.

In such cases, the Emergency Notification Setting comes into play. When activated, this setting triggers a notification to your team whenever the AI encounters a question it's unsure about or identifies a highly sensitive customer issue. The AI informs the customer that a more detailed response will be provided soon, and simultaneously, your team receives a notification.

Setup process

Most of our customers integrate this feature with Zapier. To set it up, you create a webhook trigger in Zapier, which generates a URL. This URL is then pasted into the Emergency Notification Setting in Maax AI. Once saved, any trigger from the AI will send a notification to the specified endpoint.

In Zapier, you can configure the next steps, such as sending a notification to a specific Slack channel whenever a trigger is received. We will provide a detailed example of this setup in our documentation. This feature ensures that even in situations where the AI needs assistance, your team is promptly notified, ensuring continuous and efficient customer service.

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