3. Catch and Map Follow Ups


  1. Implementing the Follow-Up Feature After completing the ingest and catching steps in Zapier, the next action is setting up the follow-up feature with Maax AI.

  2. Creating a New Zap in Zapier This involves creating a new Zap, using webhooks as the trigger. The provided webhook URL from Maax AI is inserted into the body of the Zap.

  3. Testing the Follow-Up Process Test the setup by sending a message from your system, like "follow up with me in two minutes." This will activate the process in Maax AI.

  4. Response from Maax AI When Maax AI receives the test message, it processes it and then contacts the specified endpoint in the follow-up URL.

  5. Handling Leads Once a lead is captured, verify if it aligns with your target audience. Filter out non-relevant leads and proceed to create an SMS for the valid ones.

  6. Emphasis on Simplicity and Learning The process is described as straightforward. Repeated viewing of this and previous tutorials is recommended for a better understanding of the entire workflow.

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