Gmail Customer Support Automation with Zapier

Say bye to Zendesk! When a customer sends an email, Zapier triggers an action that sends the email content to MAAX AI, which in turn returns a message to be sent back to the customer.

Action List:

  1. Set up Maax AI API: Ensure that the Maax AI API is properly set up and able to receive requests and send responses. Registration link / Dashboard link

  2. Create a Zapier account: If you don't already have one, create a Zapier account.

  3. Create a new Zap

  4. Test the workflow: Send a test email to ensure that the workflow is functioning correctly. You should receive an automated response generated by Maax AI.

Initially, for a day or two, it's advisable to set the "To" field to your own email. This way, you'll receive the AI-generated responses, which you can then manually forward to the customer. This not only saves time by providing complete responses but also allows you to thoroughly test the system and identify any missing related content.

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