🍇Explanatory Diagrams

In this section we present a set of sketches that visually explain how MAAX AI is designed and how different pieces fit together.

Top-Level Architecture Overview

Let's start by understanding the two basic components of Maax AI:

The following image illustrates a basic top-level overview of how you will be using MAAX AI to automate your customer support and sales conversations

MAAX API is a set of endpoints that your tech team will be interacting with. These endpoints will allow you to feed an incoming message from a user into MAAX AI, and get an answer that gets sent back to the customer.

MAAX AI is intelligently designed to consider the history of a conversation with a specific prospect, utilizing the settings configured in the dashboard.

The technology you use for marketing, sales, or customer support, which may include tools like CRMs, Zapier, Mailchimp, ManyChat, etc., is where you'll engage with MAAX API.

For instance, you can configure Zapier so that each time a new email arrives in a particular inbox, the email body is inputted into the MAAX API, which generates a response that is then sent back to the customer.

For more examples, refer to our use cases, or feel free to reach out to us at support@maax.ai for assistance.

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