Follow-up Message Handling

Dynamically follow-up on conversations with your prospects

Generation of Follow-up Messages:

  • For every message sent to Maax, a corresponding "follow-up message" is generated. This follow-up message is stored in our database.

Determining Follow-up Timing:

  • If a user doesn't respond within a designated timeframe, Maax will determine the appropriate time to send the follow-up message. This timeframe is tailored to each unique conversation.

  • The behavior regarding when and how to send the follow-up can be adjusted in the "Strategy" settings per Sales AI

Example of Follow-up Message:

"I noticed you reached out to us about Topic W and we haven't heard back. We want to ensure you get all the support you need. Is everything alright?"

User-Requested Follow-ups:

  • If a user, explicitly asks for a follow-up, Maax will act accordingly.

  • If the user provides a specific time for the follow-up, Maax will honor that time. Otherwise, Maax will decide the optimal time based on the conversation's context.

Mapping the Follow-up Response:

  • It is essential to map the follow-up response to the correct system on your end. We recommend configuring your system to send follow-ups via email for now.

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