4. Set up Emergency Notifications


  1. Creating a Zap in Zapier Start by creating a new step in Zapier and provide the necessary webhook URL.

  2. Maax AI Dashboard Configuration Go to the sales section in your Maax AI dashboard.

  3. Inputting the Webhook URL In the sales section of Maax AI, insert the webhook URL by clicking 'edit' and then save the changes.

  4. Notification Trigger Maax AI detects negative sentiment and sends notifications to the specified endpoint.

  5. Testing the Setup Use the ingest SMS feature to test this functionality. Send a negative sentiment text (e.g., "I am upset" or "Let me talk to your manager") to the Maax AI number.

  6. Receiving Notifications Upon detecting negative sentiment, Maax AI sends a message to the emergency notification endpoint, alerting you to the situation.

  7. Preferred Notification Channels Notifications are commonly set to be received via Slack or email, allowing the success team to quickly address any issues highlighted by Maax AI.

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